DMP_Judy3sJudy Schiller is a professional organizer and has been organizing other people’s lives, workspaces, and schedules for more than 10 years. She is a member of NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, as well as a member of the Oregon chapter of NAPO. She is also a life coach specializing in the area of simplicity. When Judy lived in Denver, she was an active member of the Denver Coach Federation.

Throughout her entire life, Judy has been walking the path of truth, advocacy, and simplicity, both on a personal and global level. Judy has encountered some mighty big “bumps” along her own personal journey including mental illness and addiction within the family of origin;  adoption of an older, special-needs child;  and contentious divorces–as both a child and an adult.  Having “come out on the other side” of these very chaotic events is the reason Judy tries to live each day to the fullest, “with no regrets!” She seeks to find the sacred in the everyday traditions and rituals she creates in her life, and she considers herself to be a true steward of Planet Earth. (Don’t try to throw anything away in her home!) :)

Judy’s true gift to the world is her ability to empower people to try something new, to stretch outside of their comfort zone, and to work through their fears. She is a warm, caring, diverse woman, who is not afraid to say and/or ask for the truth.

Simplicity Now! LLC was originally co-founded by both Judy and her dear friend, Vicki Kinney Petersen, a successful life coach in Denver, Colorado. Judy and Vicki created a women’s co-operative in Denver, modeled after a women’s “work group” in Portland, Oregon. (Read more about this inspirational group.)  Although Judy and Vicki are now each pursuing their own interests in their respective home cities, the Denver Simplicity Now! group continues to bring joy, community, and support to its members. (Read more about the Denver group.) It is the long-term vision of Simplicity Now! to create similar, equally powerful, community-based groups across the entire country. Stay tuned!

Simplicity Now! is fully bonded and insured.