Simplify-Your-Life Workshops Offered Sat. Jan. 12th and 26th–attend one day or two!

Simplify Your Life by attending a One- or Two-Day Workshop Create more time, energy, and happiness for yourself and/or your family in 2013. Learn the 10 steps to a simpler life, as you learn the simplicity “recipe”: Balance, Love, and Interconnectedness. Each workshop can be attended

Simplify-Your-Life Workshop to be Offered in Jan 2013

Dear friends and fellow Simplicity Seekers, The Simplify-Your-Life workshop originally scheduled for Nov. 3rd-4th, 2012, will be rescheduled to a weekend in January 2013, due to a death in my family.  Stay tuned for more event details, as we get ready to simplify our lives in the New

Gary Russell interviews Professional Organizer and Simplicity Coach, Judy Schiller of “Simplicity Now!”

This is my blog talk internet interview from February 18, 2011 with Gary Russell from “DefendMyLife” in business.  We chatted 30 minutes about managing time and what people can do to make changes to bring about balance in their lives.  LISTEN NOW

Listen to Judy Schiller on the Internet Radio Show, “Today’s Home”

This afternoon, January 15th, 2012, at 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm (Pacific Standard Time), I will be the guest on Diane and Jay Plesset’s radio show, Today’s Home: Advocacy and Inspired Ideas for Your Home and Lifestyle. The theme for today’s talk will be how to get org