Simplify-Your-Life Workshops Offered Sat. Jan. 12th and 26th–attend one day or two!

Simplify Your Life by attending a One- or Two-Day Workshop

Create more time, energy, and happiness for yourself and/or your family in 2013. Learn the 10 steps to a simpler life, as you learn the simplicity “recipe”: Balance, Love, and Interconnectedness. Each workshop can be attended as a “stand-alone” workshop, or attend both days and incorporate the complementary information. Each day is filled with laughter, reflection, powerful conversations, and loads of hands-on activities to create the simpler life you’re longing for!

Judy uses her humor, insight, non-judgmental methods, and a variety of “character skits” to share her tips on living simply. After the first character of the day presents the 10 tips to living a simpler life, each subsequent character will share her insights on one of the 10 tips. After each character presentation (approximately 30-40 minutes), Judy will take questions, lead a conversation, and/or an activity to expand that particular tip (30-40 minutes).

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The tips to leading a simpler life and their respective “characters” include:

SATURDAY JANUARY 12th (1st Simplicity Workshop):

BETTY, THE BAKER:Betty the Baker small

Introduces the Concept of “BLISS Pie” and the Simplicity Recipe

HEIDI, THE HIKER:Heidi the Hiker, small

Introduces the Concept of “Tolerations” and How to Tackle Them

LUNCH–INCLUDED IN TICKET COST (Vegan options available)

Claire, the Declutterer small


Introduces the Types of Clutter and How to Successfully Declutter

TRACEY, THE TOURIST:Tracey, the Tourist small

Introduces How to Successfully Ask for and Receive Help

SATURDAY JANUARY 26th (2nd Simplicity Workshop):

KATY, THE CONTRACTOR: Introduces the Concept of Building a Foundation based on Simplicity


Introduces the Concepts of Releasing the Quest for Perfection/Shoulds/Changing Expectations

LUNCH–INCLUDED IN TICKET COST(Vegan options available)

OUR MOM, MARTHA: Introduces How to Successfully Say “No”

HARRIET THE HOCKEY CAPTAIN: Introduces the Concept of Building Your Winning Team

Judy is an Organizer, Simplicity Coach, Certified Feng Shui Consultant, and a member of both the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)  and the International Feng Shui Guild. She has an MA in adult education and runs her own full-time professional organizing business, Simplicity Now! She has taught and empowered stressed/“stuck” professionals and homeowners throughout the United States, Europe and the Americas.

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