for Simplicity Now! and Judy Schiller:

  • “Judy taught me that changing little things is what leads to changing big things in your life.  Who knew that cleaning out my closet would help me explore what I really wanted to do with my career and start my own business?”          Barbara Palmer, BP Consulting, Ohio


  • “Judy is someone who is there for you when you need her.  She is a breath of fresh wind bringing simplicity in an age of stress, clutter and consumerism.  She doesn’t just believe in what she says, she lives it.”          Steve W., professor, The Czech Republic


  • “The rooms that you and I worked on in my house look and feel so much better.  The energy is good now, and things are starting to feel like just mine again.  My son and I love all the changes.  I have realized how much more organizing I still want and need to do.  Thanks to you, I know I can do it, and know HOW to do it!  You have given me a great gift!!  The gift of organization, simplicity and positive energy in my life.  I don’t know how I can possibly ever thank you enough.”           Teri P., Denver


  • “Judy is a marvelous worker!  She is on-time, responsible, asks the pertinent questions, gets the detailed work and overall picture done in a very efficient way and her charges are reasonable. And to boot, she’s a great person!  You can trust Judy’s ethics and  her natural caring for her clients.  I highly recommend her!”            Bernadette Hunter, MS, LPC, EFT-Adv www.powerful-performance.com


  • Read how the Simplicity Now! women’s co-op (the Denver chapter) impacted one of its members by reading this touching testimonial.


  • Wishing you a vibrant launch Judy!!!–love the new site.    Can’t thank you enough for making the process of de-cluttering and organizing my condo (and you know how terrified I was)… an easy and happy process, once I linked arms with you. Many thanks for your professionalism, also the tools you introduced me to (still using my calendar!). Thanks too for your undying patience–I’m not the easiest client to work with. Very sad to see you leave Denver, we’ll miss you. Portland is a lucky city.  Denver to Portland: hire this Girl… she’s amazing!!!                –Astrid